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America is currently undergoing one of the largest transfers of financial resources among successive generations in history.

If the national economy grows at an average rate of 3 percent annually over the next ten years, nearly $9 trillion in financial resources will transfer from one generation to the next. This staggering figure is roughly equal to the combined gross domestic products of Japan, Germany, and Iran. By 2067 the number could grow from $9 to $97 trillion, or about $21 trillion more than the current gross domestic products of all nations in the world added together.

What this means for America’s nonprofit institutions like Union Theological Seminary—founded in 1836 and now the preeminent urban seminary in the world—is nothing short of jarring: there is no time to waste in our efforts to share Union’s mission and stories with every person who will listen. This page highlights some of those stories.

Might you also add your Union story?

The simple fact is that private gifts, both current and planned, provide a margin of excellence in seminary education that is unattainable through tuition dollars alone. And, more, private gifts offer a lifeline to seminarians—scholarships allow emerging ministers, teachers, professors, directors of foundations, heads of NGOs, social justice activists, proponents of interfaith dialogue, and others repairing God’s world to avoid the crushing burden of student debt and its unwieldly capitalized interest. Student loan rates hover well above those of traditional home mortgages, currently around 6 percent. That means a typical Union student who incurs a debt-load of $50,000 will need to pay $250 per month or $3,000 per year in interest payments while still in school. The simple fact is that student debt is overwhelming our seminarians, and scholarships release them from this crushing burden.

Thank you for considering the Seminary as you plan for your own generational transfers of financial resources in the years to come. We sincerely appreciate your kind intentions and your impulse to support the well-being of Union students!

If you’d like to know more about charitable gift planning or to relay your expectations about how your future gift is to be administered, please contact Gift Planning, at 212-280-1453.


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