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Including Union in Your Estate Plan

Bequests and other testamentary gifts by generous alumni/ae and friends have been a significant source of financial support for the Seminary for more than 180 years. The continuation and expansion of this tradition of remembrance will contribute to Union’s future financial strength and continued academic excellence.

A gift to the Seminary through your estate plan qualifies you as a member of the Union Legacy Circle, created to recognize and thank donors whose foresight is building the future of Union.

You can make a specific gift to Union of cash, securities, real estate, or other property through your will, codicil, or trust instrument. You can also designate Union as a beneficiary of all or part of the remainder of your estate or trust after the payment of estate-related expenses, other bequests, or following the death of your spouse or other primary beneficiaries. Another way to include Union in your estate plan is to name Union as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or life insurance policy.

A bequest or trust provision for the benefit of Union may qualify your estate for an estate-tax charitable deduction.

Sample Testamentary Language

“I give (_______________ dollars) or (a specific asset, such as securities, real estate, or other property) to (all) or (_________ percent of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate) to Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York (for general purposes) or (for the following purpose ____________________________________________).”

While unrestricted gifts allow the Seminary to allocate funds to areas of greatest need, you may designate your bequest for a particular purpose or use. In order to ensure that the evolving educational needs of future generations of students are met, it is advisable to include the following language with restricted gifts:

“In the event that at some future time due to changed circumstances, in the judgment of Union Theological Seminary, it becomes impractical to apply my bequest to the designated purpose(s), Union Theological Seminary shall make modifications and will appropriately recognize my interests in coordination with Seminary priorities.”

If you wish to document your bequest intention as this time, please complete the form found in the Printable Bequest Language link above.

For more detailed information on including Union in your estate plan, please contact:

Martin Duus, Vice President for Development
Union Theological Seminary
3041 Broadway, New York NY 10027
Phone: 212-280-1426




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