The 1836 Legacy Circle: Providing for the Future

The 1836 Legacy Circle comprises generous women and men who have provided for Union’s future by including the Seminary in their estate plans through bequests, trusts, and planned gifts.

Over one hundred eighty years ago, Union Theological Seminary forged a new vision for theological education: to center ministerial training in New York City so that academic excellence and personal faith might respond to the needs of the city.

Union remains faithful to that vision. With roots firmly planted in the Protestant Reformed tradition, while embracing an increasingly interreligious direction, the Seminary continues to respond to a changing world—while offering a broader understanding of what it means to be faithful. Never has the world needed Union more.

Legacy Circle members are supporting a future that was begun in 1836. Their gifts provide for the kind of transformative leadership that congregations, the academy, and society need now and throughout the twenty-first century.

Planning a gift

Making a planned gift to Union may be easier than you think. You can have the satisfaction of making a lasting contribution in your lifetime to Union’s distinctive legacy.


Some people make a planned gift to Union because they want to return the gift of critical financial aid they received while studying. Others make a planned gift to help the Seminary create a program, position, or scholarship that does not currently exist. Others might honor a professor, a department, or an initiative at Union that has had a particularly remarkable impact on them.

Importance of Endowment

Planned giving, specially designated while continuing annual giving, offers a range of methods by which many people can make a significant gift to Union’s endowment for faculty support and student scholarship—while receiving considerable tax relief for their heirs—and in some cases, income for themselves or their families during their lifetime.

Planned gifts might work well as part of your long-term financial and estate plans, ensuring that your resources do as much as they can for the people and organizations you care about.

1836 Legacy Circle Gift Options

There are different kinds of planned gifts you can make to Union. Each has its own benefits, allowing you to meet a variety of personal needs and goals. For more information, please see “Types of Planned Gifts.”

It’s Never Too Soon
Planned gifts are among the most important contributions people make to organizations they care about.

If you find the idea of making a planned gift to Union compelling, it is never too soon to arrange such a special gift in consultation with your financial advisor and the Seminary.

Upon making a planned gift, you will become a member of Union’s distinguished 1836 Legacy Circle.

Join the 1836 Legacy Circle
We encourage you to consult with your financial advisor and your family as you consider the variety of planned giving options.

Union’s Vice President for Development, Martin Duus, is available to explore planned giving with you. Please do not hesitate to contact him by phone at 212.280.1426 or by e-mail at

Union Theological Seminary, Development Office
3041 Broadway
New York, NY 10027



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